Come here, petal!

LovePlantLife absolutely loves plants. We love the way they taste, how they make us feel, and what they make us want to do. We write about things that take our fancy as long as they are plant-related.

We’re not expert gardeners – in fact quite the opposite. We’re avid readers, learners and doers. We’d love to be doing more but, like most people, we have to balance our romantic ideals of full-time gardening joy with 40 hours + a week work, commuting time, family, friends, housekeeping and other things that always seem far more pressing.

Everyone leads such busy lives and so we’re the type of gardeners that cut us all some slack. Things don’t need to be perfect, nature isn’t. But it is well-balanced. So LovePlantLife maintains that you need to have fun while gardening. Sometimes we have a glass of bubbles while pulling out weeds. We’re advocates of doing garden chores socially – invite your friends over and call all your family in, and have a bbq when you’ve finished. Even start a garden group. You don’t want gardening to be too much like hard work, do you?

Don’t make gardening something you dread! It’s far too special for that.

The LovePlantLifers are also geeks. We do want to know everything we can about plants – they’re so bloody fascinating. So you’ll find a huge amount of research goes in to many of these posts. Botanically-minded, we’re attempting to learn more about botany – we want to know who these plants are, what they do, where they like to hang out and how they interact.

Being human, we also want to know all about ethnobotany – how people interact with and use the plants around them, and economic botany – how we can use them to feed, clothe, heal, sustain us. It’s all part of our master plan to save the world through plants.

Plants are our best resources. Renewable ones at that. Nearly everything we need to survive and thrive can be made from plants. We can live better by understanding the plants around us and making better use of them. We can live cleaner, greener, healthier, safer, happier lives through plants. Gotta love that.

Hopefully, we’ll rock your little plant world! If you ever wanted to know more about flowers, trees, gardening, herbs, food, ethnobotany, or dreamed about pottering around your own beautiful garden or living sustainably – then we hope to bring you a little weekly inspiration, or a little more fodder for your daydreams.



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