Friday Seeds of Delight: 14 May

So it is my firm intention that every Friday I post some of the fascinating little gems of info, photos and links that have delighted me that week, discovered in the wonderful garden of knowledge that is the internet.

For those lucky enough to own a digital SLR and love getting all macro, but can’t afford the equipment, the Flickr blog introduces a reverse lens technique. Links through to gorgeous examples and a quick overview to get you started.

In the wake of Mother’s Day, Pruned reflects on the world cut-flower trade, doing an excellent summary on Kenya and it’s ‘conflict flowers’ in relation to horticultural haemorrhaging in the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull.

Speaking of unspeakable volcanoes, it will be interesting to see how food supplies, ingredients and medicinal herbs will be affected by this event. Ohhh – but watch this video and have you seen these glorious images? takes a look at the aesthetics and tastiness of the tamarillo, and provides an excellent link through to a report on nutritional composition and benefits of New Zealand tamarillos.

Veg.itecture introduces us to the Bolton eco-house in the UK (via World Architecture News), which from the air looks like a pretty little flower. Also check out the post on the Lincoln Center green wall.

And you’ve gotta see Vincent Callebaut’s dreamy, jewelled airship-cities powered by seaweed. The Belgian architect also does a lovely line of Dragonfly Vertical Farms. Makes me want to live in the future!

Main image by Flickr user Holger Hill.


1 Response to “Friday Seeds of Delight: 14 May”

  1. May 15, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    The wasp’s nipples! – You say the best things!! Hope you’re feeling a lot better now.

    The seeds arrived today – thank you so much. They look great and thanks for the little marigold mix too. I shall await the WITS debit form!

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