Hello, my name is Anna and I’m a plant geek

I absolutely love plants. I love the way they taste, how they make us feel, and what they make us want to do. I write about things that take my fancy and usually they’re plant-related.

I’m not a plant expert, but I’m an avid reader, learner and doer and have been for over 25 years. I’d love to be doing more but, like most people, I have to balance my romantic ideals of full-time gardening joy with 40 hours + a week work, commuting time, family, friends etc etc. But I’m working my way toward it, slowly but surely. In my free-time I instigate community seed swaps, dream about food forests and sell seeds.

LovePlantLife.com has some pretty simple principles:

  • Food is fundamental. It needs to be healthy, nutritious and always available.
  • Gardening is about developing skills – you won’t be an overnight success.
  • Building up the soil is one of the most important things you can do.
  • Growing good quality, nutrient-rich food is one of the best things you can do for your family.
  • Organic, GE-free and green is best.
  • Don’t make gardening something you dread! It’s far too special for that.
  • Gardens don’t need to be perfect, nature isn’t. But it is well-balanced.

There is a master plan – to save the world through plants

Plants are our best resources. Renewable ones at that. Nearly everything we need to survive and thrive can be made from plants. We can live better by understanding the plants around us and making better use of them. We can live cleaner, greener, healthier, safer, happier lives through plants. Gotta love that.

If you ever wanted to know more about growing good food, flowers, trees, gardening, herbs, food, ethnobotany, or dreamed about pottering around your own beautiful garden or living sustainably – then I hope to bring you a little weekly inspiration, or a little more fodder for your daydreams.

Garden Goodies: What you’ll find here

Articles – quality information on growing great food and why seeds are so important.

Petals – little bits of plant-based interestingness gleaned from the huge amount of info I seem to consume each day.

Leaves – great stuff scattered around the internet

Garden diary – Is she all talk? Possibly. Judge for yourself by seeing infrequent snippets of what’s happening in my garden.

News – Events, happenings and a bit of commentary mainly aimed at the New Zealand audience.

Some tasty treats to start you rambling round the garden

Call to Spades! Start Somewhere – Start Anywhere

All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden

Emilia Hazelip’s synergistic gardening

Growing magic beans

Growing food: How long do I have to wait?



We’ve got a nice new form for that here.

Guest blogging

I like to play nicely with others. If you would like to guest blog or have something you think would be worth cross-posting, please do get in touch.

Links policy

I’m really quite picky and I’m not out for fame and glory (…mostly ;). This means I will only link to your site if I feel it provides good information and relevent. I only link to products I would personally recommend.

We do it for love
All work is that of the stated author, unless where otherwise specified. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. You are free to cross-post our work but please attribute with a link to this site and please do let me know.

2 Responses to “What’s the story?”

  1. October 23, 2011 at 9:04 am

    Enjoy your website. Thought you might be interested in our product, Fodda – Feeding the Earth. Organic certified Soil Enhancer and General Fertiliser. Contains, organic coffee grounds, charcoal, marine products and crushed rock. No odour (unlike blood and bone, sheep pellets etc) so will not attract animals to dig up the garden, is a natural slug and snail repellent (they detest caffeine), earthworms and soil microbes love it, Fodda can be used layered between scrapes in worm farms. Fodda is made up of some valuable reused ingredients diverted from landfill (beside oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world – once used most of it goes to landfill) and it organically enriches & improves the soil. We are getting fantastic feedback from users. I would be happy to provide you with a bag of Soil Enhancer or General Fertiliser to try. You can read more about Fodda on http://www.tuturu.co.nz (we are in the process of updating our website).
    Kind Regards
    Dianne Pilcher

  2. October 26, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Congratulations Dianne, it looks like you’ve created a great product. Gardening isn’t really about growing plants – it’s about growing amazing soil and it looks like Fodda will do great things here. Looking forward to it reaching the Wellington area. All the very best.
    ~ Anna

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