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Create a stunning, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden with seeds from

We take pride in the fact that seeds are well-grown, well-stored, well-packaged with high germination rates.

Buy NZ vege seeds online at TradeMe.

Let us know if you have any special requests/requirements. We are holding, or can source, a large range of other seeds if you are looking for something special.


The LovePlantLife Seed Collection


Welsh Bunching Onions

Allium fistulosum

These fine, strapping white Welsh onions will multiply quickly providing a reliable year-round supply for the kitchen. They’re perennial so divide them up and share them around once you have them established. Great for those with limited space.

These Welsh wonders have a much milder taste than bulbing onions for those with whom other onions don’t agree. They have big hollow leaves like spring onions and are great for garnishes.

Prefers moist, free draining soils with lots of organic matter, in an open sunny position. Frost resistant but drought tender. Grows well with most plants, especially roses, carrots, beet and chamomile, but keep them away from your beans and peas.

Seed type: Heirloom Seeds per packet: approx.500 Days to germination: 14 Days to harvest: 60-


Spinach Santana

Spinacia oleracea

This is good-looking spinach! Santana is smooth, dark and perfectly formed. Handsome, and enduring – meaning it grows well, is slow to bolt and resistant to most common viruses and mildew.

And it’s yum! Eat at baby leaf stage or wait for a nice big bunch. Tastes great raw or lightly steamed. Easy to grow all year-round – keep planting at weekly intervals to ensure a continuous supply or grow plenty to pop in the freezer.

Can be sown straight into the garden at 6cm spacings.

Seed type: Open Pollinated Seeds per packet: approx.250 10 Days to germination: 10 Days to harvest: 30-60


NZ Spinach

Tetragonia tetragonoides

The living mulch that just keeps giving and giving and the only NZ native to be commercially cultivated for food – this vegetable is such a winner! That’s before mentioning that it’s drought-tolerant, doesn’t bolt, tasty to humans but bugs and disease seem to stay away. It’s a dream plant!

OK, so this isn’t a true spinach, but most people find the taste more to their liking than the real thing. The dark green triangular leaves are fleshy and used like any other spinach. A nice source of important vitamins.

A trick to getting the seeds started: soak them in hot water for 24 hours first. Plant them in a bit of nice fertile soil and let it do it’s thing. Looks fantastic cascading over the side of planters or rambling around under your veges to keep the soil moist.

Seed type: Heirloom, NZ native Seeds per packet: approx. 40 Days to germination: 10-14 Days to harvest: 40-


Cavolo nero

Brassica oleracea acephala

Put some height and texture into your vege garden with this striking, gourmet vegetable. Good on looks and great on flavour.

Leaves can be chopped and used like cabbage or kale – just remove the thick central rib first. Super-yum sauteed in olive oil with garlic and chilli. Perfect ingredient for slow-cooked winter dishes. Equally good in a quick stir-fry. Very nutritious… and delicious.

Sow seed in trays first on a sunny windowsill, then plant out in full sun in a good, fertile soil. Keep well watered.

Seed type: Heirloom Seeds per packet: approx. 250 Days to germination: 6-10 Days to harvest: 70


Italian Parsley

Petroselinum neapolitanum

The main staple of any kitchen garden has got to be parsley. The smooth strong flavour of this Italian heirloom variety lends itself to any dish. Amazing to make pesto with. Packed with vitamins and a natural breath freshener too.

Plants grow vigorously and easily. It does well in most soils and can be grown in containers inside or out. Parsley likes it’s morning sun. Keep harvesting by taking off the outer leaves. Generally thought of as a biannual plant but second year growth is often disappointing, so plant anew each year for healthy plants and a constant supply.

Seed type: Heirloom  Seeds per packet: approx. 1000 Days to germination: 14-21  Days to harvest: 40



Eruca sativa

Salads were just plain dull before this spicy little number exploded onto the scene. The peppery taste goes oh-so-well with either tomatoes or steak

Direct sow seed into a cooler part of the garden and pick regularly to stop it from bolting away too quickly. Use leaves when 7-10cm long. Or grow your own rocket farm on a damp napkin inside for tasty sprouts at any time of the year.

Seed type: Organic seed Seeds per packet: approx. 5000  Days to germination: 4-7

Days to harvest: 14-


Leek Winter giant

Allium porrum

Solid, dependable and tasty, this variety of leek has been around since 1905. Will stand strong through the yukkiest of winter weather.

Sow into trays in autumn and transplant into ground with lots of compost added, when about 20cm tall. Bury them up to the green bit. Give them a well-drained, sunny position in the garden but keep them moist. Every so often, mound some soil up around the stems to chunk them up a bit. Grow 15cm apart in rows, or closer for tasty and tender baby leeks.

Seed type: Heirloom Seeds per packet: approx. 200  Days to germination: 10-15 Days to harvest: 150


Radish Easter egg

Raphanus sativus

These little radishes are just so gosh-darn delightful. Your kids will love them – it’s like finding Easter eggs in your garden – pink ones, red ones, purple ones and white too. They just make you smile. And the mild peppery flavour gives salads a bit of zing

These are so super-easy and quick to grow. Just make sure they get regular waterings and do plant them in a different spot every year.

Seed type: Open pollinated approx. 250 Seeds per packet:  Days to germination: 8

Days to harvest: 35


Beetroot Bulls blood

Beta vulgaris var crassa

There are just so many wonderful things to say about this plant – I could talk about it’s striking good looks (metallic, burgundy leaves give a great contrast to your winter greens), or it’s sweet tasty leaves (which you can eat as microgreens), or it’s big solid candy-striped root. I could even mention how great it is as a natural food colourant.  But all of this just really means one thing – you need this in your garden!

Soak your seeds overnight before sowing directly where you want them to grow, as they transplant badly. This variety doesn’t need to be in full sun. Keep them moist and pick those beautiful outer leaves for salads or steaming.

Seed type: Heirloom Seeds per packet: approx. 200 Days to germination: 10-15 Days to harvest: Microgreens at 18 days, baby leaf from 30 days, root at 60 days


Pea Wando

Pisum sativum

Wando is an extremely dependable pea variety that’s been with us since the 40s. It came from fine parents and deals equally well with heat and cold weather. It’s a prolific producer of long and chubby pods with perfectly-formed peas (about 8 per pod, great for shelling). If you have any leftover you can freeze them – but these are so tasty, the chances are slim.

Plant in full sun in a moist, fertile and well-drained soil. Sweeten them up with some lime, give them a bit of a climbing frame, make sure they have a bit of shelter from strong winds and keep them well watered. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of juicy looking pods to keep picking once they’re ready.

Seed type: Heirloom Seeds per packet: approx. 100 Days to germination: 6-10 Days to harvest: 70-


Marigold Single gold

Tagetes patula

The first lesson of companion planting is: Marigolds with everything. We’ve chosen a star – a tall-growing variety with lots of lovely green foliage and bright orange flowers that will make your garden sing. It brings bees into the garden and keeps nasties (like nematodes) away.

The single golds will brighten up your garden, your winter salads and your heart.

Sow into seed trays first before transplanting out all around the vege garden.

Seed type: Hardy annual, open pollinated Seeds per packet: 200 Days to germination: 7-10


More information and recipes can be found online at


5 Responses to “Buy seeds”

  1. 1 Moon Over Martinborough
    May 17, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Just got my autumn collection seeds in the mail and can’t wait to start sowing!

  2. May 19, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    wow just found you via twitter great photos – do you do wholesale? we are a small eco leaning garden store we source local and organic where we can – passion is to make gardening accessible thanks Kaye

  3. January 25, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I love trading and sharing seeds. I have traded some really nice seeds and also received some wonderful mixes as well. Thanks again.

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