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Five things that have annoyed the snot out of me lately

1 – Can it just stop raining already? We’re one month into spring and it feels like it’s rained more than the entire winter.

2 – Allergies. My nose is so red that I look like I’ve been bingeing on whiskey all winter. I’m sniveling like a terribly snively thing and pseudo-ephedrine is now one of the most controlled substances in New Zealand.

3 – National minister Gerry Brownlee is fronting an agenda to allow mining New Zealand’s conservation lands. How are more people not more upset about this? New Zealand’s green image is about to go completely undermined! They are aware that one of our major earners is tourism, right?

4 – National minister Steven Joyce has this completely divide and conquer campaign trying to get an expressway built through Kapiti and has completely torn a community apart. It’s unsustainable, it’s unrealistic and it’s unethical – putting the interests of the transport industry before all else.

5 – I continue to rage against agapanthus. Ugly, snail-ridden blights on the landscape.

There… that should do me for awhile. Now back to the pretty things…


Bloody bugs

As yet unidentified evil bean-sucking bugLast December I noticed a lot of what looked like little black ladybugs on my beans. I did lots of research, asked lots of questions but without handy visual references I couldn’t work out what they were. Dear internet content people, please supply more pictures! (Are there any entomologists out there who can please tell me exactly what this thing is?)

Anyway, they had seemed pretty harmless in their small little shiny baby form – until they monstrously transformed into life-sucking bean-devouring plagues of evil. Garlic spray by this time was incapable of warding off their vampiric tendencies and my carefully arranged companion plants just kind of shrugged their shoulders and like insolent teenagers proclaimed “Whateva, I’m not bovvered!” I’ve never wanted to smack a marigold around before, but it needed a wake-up clip.

Advice on how to organically deal to shield bugs and other such painful pests after the jump.
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