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Smelling the roses

I spent Election Day smelling the roses, literally. As there has been so much manure on the campaign trail, I thought it only fitting. I’m now as sunburnt as a Raspberry Ice floribunda. But I don’t think it’s that making me feel ill.

I’ve been staying up late surrounded by Whittaker’s chocolate wrappers, with a mad twitchy left eye thing going on. It’s the look of furrowed concentration that is the most alarming as it will probably cost me more than supermarket shelf moisturiser to repair the lines. I got this idea ya’see. And clearly because I don’t have enough to do…..I’m launching a new project. Yes, another one. So I’ve been out shooting it up, preparing prettiness for you. Prepare for prettiness people!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yesterday it snowed at my house. I live near the beach, in a place it never snows. I can count on two fingers the number of times I’ve been in falling snow. I put the little one to bed, rugged up and ran around outside like a 5 year old. Alas, it didn’t settle so no snowmen for me.

But I did get to have a snowball fight on Sunday night at a friend’s in Brooklyn. There were blankets of it. I had been conveniently sheltering at the Chocolate Festival at the Intercontinental as it fell. When fuelled by tasty, tasty chocolate, that much snow was a total delight.

Will be interesting to see how this cold blast will affect the garden. The one year I give up and don’t plant Brussels sprouts because it doesn’t get cold enough in Kapiti is the one year it decides to snow at sea level! I must have offended the brassica gods.

More interesting point is what will it do to insect populations round these parts? Ants, whitefly, aphids, shield bugs – how will they all fare in the icy conditions? Might have been a good enough zap to get a few of the suckers away from my spring sprouts.

Watch a great little clip of aerial shots of Wellington’s snow.


It’s a beautiful day in Wellington

It’s a gorgeous day and a great chance for a nice stroll in the sun rather than sitting staring at a screen all day. Escaping work when backs were turned, I jetted up to Kelburn, past the Uni and down towards Bolton St Cemetery and came across the most wonderful thing on Kinross St. An Australian gum was in full flower and had I’m guessing 30 tui eating, swooping, diving and hollering. It was a beautiful thing to watch and the noise was incredible for the 10 mins I spent standing there. I did of course think of how it must be for those living nearby… pretty deafening and distracting stuff!

The Tui Tree (-41.280293,174.771564)


Wellington/Kapiti: Donate Garden Tools for Refugees

It must be a difficult time of year for refugee families, separated from and often fearing for the safety of loved ones overseas. Spurred on by a request by Refugee Services, I’ve decided to give the gift of gardening this Christmas. And would like to invite you all to join me.

Request from Wellington Refugees as Survivors:

This is a Colombian family (parents and 3 primary school children in NZ, with 3 grown up children still in Colombia) who arrived earlier. Shortly after their arrival the father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has nearly finished his 4th round of Chemo Therapy and will have major surgery in January 2010, followed by more Chemo Therapy. He describes himself as a “hard worker” and enjoys gardening. He has developed a huge vegetable garden in his (HNZ) backyard (including composting organic rubbish) for which he would love to have some of his own garden tools (currently he borrows).

Do any of you have a spare hoe, fork, spade that you no longer need? Also a hammer and some new garden gloves.

I’d like to help this family out and get them the gardening tools they require. I’m assuming there are other families who would also be wanting such things so I’d like to collect any garden tools you have left over and disperse them to those who need them. I’ll also contribute a large amount of vegetable and flower seed. Can anyone help?


Lilly Schreyer Tulips


Wellington’s gone all planty

Wellington sunrise

Well, I guess it is spring.

One of the things I love about this city is how green it is. Not the city city but the hills surrounding it – houses peaking out from amongst the trees, it looks incredible. Love it. And then there’s the Karori Wildlife  Sanctuary and Otari Wilton Bush that are incredible conservation areas just 10 minutes from the city centre.

Anyway, the point of all this was to let you know about DOC’s Conservation Week, the Wellington Spring Festival including the tulip displays at the Botanic Gardens. Wellington Botanic Society are exploring the mysteries of lancewood at their September talk (despite two years of trying, I haven’t made it to a single event of their’s…I will keep trying).

And don’t forget Seedy Sunday in Kapiti on September 20. A chance to swap your seeds, plants and produce and learn a little about gardening and about your local community. Brooklyn Transition Towns also have a seed swap that day.

Wellington city 01

Wellington suburbs

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