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Botanical Beauties: More Etsy gifts for gardeners and plant lovers

Missed our first botanical beauty bounty? Gaze upon the goodies here!


Botanical Beauties: Etsy gifts for gardeners and plant lovers


Seeds of Delight

Oh to be completely enrobed in plants – lovely dreaminess a la ~WWWest at deviantArt.
That’s how I would love to be right now – focusing on all my plant projects. But I’ve been a little bit lost lately in the detritus of living. Working, commuting and dishes are tolls that need to be paid before I can get lost in my world of plantage. There’s just so much to do that it’s all become a bit overwhelming, where not a lot of anything has been getting done.  I have a mass of half-finished posts and so many other things to tell you about. And luckily enough I might just get the chance I need to finish up a lot of loose ends given it’s another wet and windy weekend.

A coupla weeks ago I attended the geekstravaganza that is Webstock – not a lot of plants round there. Found a brilliant series that amused me no end and hopefully proving I’m not a complete geek, backing plants to win the HowPlantsWork showdown – Which Is More Intelligent? An iPhone or a Plant?

It’s a garden in a book! What a great idea! I shall now be scouring book fairs trying to find appropriate titles for gifts. Maybe an apple seedling in Snow White, lettuce in Watership Down, a truffula tree in Dr Seuss, thale cress in botany textbooks, cactus in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas…

I just can’t leaf these alone – I want I want I want. They’re cute and child-like – just like me. Leaf ties by Lufdesign and leaf sticky notes just make me smile and want to play. There’ll be leaf litter all over the house. But they have practical purposes too and they’re just so gosh darn beautifully designed.

For those with a lot of time and/or a lot of watermelons on their hands, here’s an impressive little video on watermelon carving. Maybe something to try over a long hot summer holiday. Other examples of what can be done skillfully with a watermelon, knife and whole lotta patience here, here and more video here.

Ahh, the super cute Madame Fancy Pants. While their move to Cuba St means I rarely get there, their blog has been full of lovely botanically-inspired items of late: these Rachel Carley plates will be perfect for afternoon teas in the garden; a handy ring reminder to eat my apple a day; pretty butterflies – perfect methinks for a sister’s birthday.

When I finally get around to building my secret lair, from which I shall hatch devious plots and grow amazing tomatoes, it shall have a green tunnel – just like this one. I’m thinking Frank Gehry should design the rest of it in copper and bronze. While I realise I may at that point have difficulty keeping it a secret lair, wouldn’t it be freakin’ fabulous?

Got time for more plant-related link love? Check out past editions of Seeds of delight.

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